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re-branded, re-platformed, re-launched ...

We’re so excited to see the launch of the new Unlimit Health website. This was a good one – and we’ve also just published the case study … but some brief details first. The organisation was going on a massive re-brand … renaming from The Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Foundation (which, y’know, was a bit of a mouthful) to Unlimit Health.

How Unlimit Health's money is spent in Uganda

They got to that stage through a period of re-branding with the excellent Door 22. Emma Nicol led the project and the results were just lovely. It gave the client a much clearer sense of who they are, who they served, and their mission & purpose. As all good branding projects do, it invigorated all involved.

We then came in and delivered the website. We redesigned it, we redeveloped it, and we moved it from Squarespace to WordPress. Improving performance on both desktop & mobile devices, and providing a much more seamless digital experience for their users, their donors, and their team members.

It was a joy to work on. SEO services and guidance was provided by the great team at Torchbox, led there by Emma Bennett. All in all – it was a crack team that delivered a great project and we have been thrilled to be a part of it.