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Well ... it depends ... !

It’s probably our most frequently asked question – and with good reason: how much will my website cost? And of course, the answer is (always, frustratingly) ‘it depends’. But on what? This short video (transcript below) outlines just what it might depend on and could serve as a list of things to consider, if you’re considering a new website:

Video transcription

Below is a transcription of the video for those who prefer to read rather than watch!

Okay, I’m going to try and get through how much should my website cost in two minutes. The first thing to ask is what you want your website to do. Are you selling things? Is it more of a brochure website? How much content do you have? Are we talking five pages, 50 pages, 500 pages? Do you have a copywriter to help you write that content? You’ll need one. Photography, have you got photography budgeted for? Again, you’ll need that. You won’t want to be using stock photography.

What does your website need to integrate with? Do you have marketing automation platforms? Do you have a CRM platform, a donation platform? What level or depth of integration do you need with those external platforms? So the classic how much does my website cost answer is it depends. But those are the components that go into the it depends.

It might be helpful instead to think about what are the phases, the processes you go through when building the website so you can allocate funds accordingly. Always start with a discovery process. Figure out who’s going to be using the website, what problems your website solves for those people. Discovery should also churn out some KPIs – how are you going to measure whether the project is a success? Although you may well have done that internally already, go through it with your development partner so that everyone knows what a successful web project looks like.

After discovery, I would go through wireframing, but also site mapping. Make sure that you understand all the user flows and that you have content to support those user flows.

Does your content encourage the users to take the action you want them to take through those flows? And then you go into site mapping, assign wireframing, and site design. So user interface design, then you would move into development. So taking all of those great designs with the supporting of the user flows and user decisions, take all of those great designs, turn them into a code base and a functional website.

So then that is all working, then we would need to hand it off. So what training is required, who needs training, how much training, we would always provide a video library of training information. So how extensive is that? How many people would we need to be training? And then we would go into a launch week, a launch process to get the website live.

And if having gone through all of those steps and you’ve written all of your content and you’ve got your photography done, and if you have changed from 15 000 then I would be extremely impressed, but also surprised so that that’s the kind of budget you’d be looking at for a really in-depth process like that.

We take on sites that go between £12,000 and £25,000 and the budget gets split between those sort of main functions accordingly. So, yeah, I hope that’s helpful. How much does my website cost? I mean, it depends, right?