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Simple, effective, WordPress solution supporting investigative journalism that focuses on the ongoing water crisis

Who They Are

WATERSHED Investigations is fronted by two incredibly impressive journalists. Rachel Salvidge and Leana Hosea. Until recently Rachel worked over at the Ends Report (Haymarket), and Leana at the BBC. Both reported passionately and with dedication on the water crisis.

Their journalism, as part of new venture WATERSHED Investigations, focuses ‘on all aspects of the water crisis: pollution, resources, over-abstraction, wildlife, public health, environmental justice, and the impacts of climate change,’ and it’s no small challenge.

Both have made films highlighting the issues they cover, and both are dedicated to continuing the investigative lead through WATERSHED.

Where They Were

They were starting from scratch. They had a bit of funding and a wealth of journalistic talent and drive – and needed to take that into an online presence that would simply showcase their work and highlight the issues that they so passionately report on.

With a blank slate and tight budget, we built a simple publishing platform for them to highlight their work – whether it be print journalism or documentary making, they’d be able to showcase it on the site.

What we did

This is not a very complicated site – but it packs a punch. The site was delivered in just two weeks and provides them with all the tools they need to get their message out to a broad audience.

They have blogging tools, a donation tool – super clear and easy to use, it can take customisable fixed amounts, or recurring subscriptions of user determined rates – and avoids the cost of expensive third party partners for taking donations. In short: it suits them down to the ground.

Working with Rachel & Leana on such an important project was a real eye-opener for us. The role of investigative journalism is so often critical in not only raising public awareness, but also in pressuring governments and corporations to behave more responsibly and with greater accountability. We were delighted to be able to support their work. This, from Rachel: 'Really great work! Fast, reliable and smart!'

Rachel Salvidge, Co-Owner Watershed Investigations

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