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A Custom WordPress solution for this growing events & information company

Who They Are

Decarb Connect run events, publish reports, and build communities – all around industries working hard to take carbon out of their processes. Their mission is to support leaders in decarbonisation to accelerate strategy and decision making, and to help them meet those valuable collaborators that turn strategy into reality. What’s not to like?

It’s not easy though – and they tackle the problem on several different fronts, with their community of industry leaders driving the change they want to see in their organisations.

Where They Were

When we started working with Decarb Connect they were an events company. Or, rather, an ‘event’ company – with their Decarb festival running once a year. There were two full time staff members when we started – and they were flat out, building sponsorship relationships, developing event programmes, and drafting invaluable reports. It was good stuff – but frantic; they were bursting to grow.

What we did

We worked with them over the next phase of their growth – giving them the ability to promote multiple events on their site – including webinars, hosting their podcast, connecting all communications to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software (they are dedicated HubSpot users), and providing integrations with Eventbrite for ticket management.

In short – they went from a one event shop, to a business that could grow & scale in whatever direction they wanted to. Of course, it wasn’t our doing – the desire for growth, the passion for the topic … that’s all from them. But we’re there as trusted partners to deliver the transformation. And we have more planned.

The new site launched in 2023, with a better members community (hosted through Circle), and the ability to create standalone event websites. We’re excited for the next phase of our partnership.

I've worked with David over a number of years and always enjoy the approach he takes with clients - good advice, good service, cost-effective for small businesses and scalable... would highly recommend.

Alex Cameron, CEO, Decarb Connect

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