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A WordPress solution built around a learning management system (LMS) and membership platform

Who They Are

The Braincalm Institute was set up by Occupational Therapist, Brenda Cassidy. The goal was to make a huge difference in the lives of students through working with parents and teachers, helping them to regulate and effectively manage behavioural challenges in the classroom and at home.

Their mission ‘is to empower parents and school staff to help children become focused, calm, and able to self-regulate their behaviour through our range of courses and programmes’, which is then delivered through a series of training programmes, webinars, in-school training, and follow up support.

To say the results can be transformative is to sell the programme considerably short. Schools, teachers, parents but most of all the kids themselves enter programmes with a range of difficulties – but leave with a clear set of practices, exercises and support systems to help them all achieve the most from their time together.

It’s remarkable.

Where They Were

They had a website powered by LearnDash – the impressive learning management system, but it was clunky and tangled. Hard to use by the client – difficult to make what should have been simple edits, and confusing to create new courses, and to build content around them.

They were in a situation where their web presence needed a massive untangling – an unpicking that would allow us to build it back up (using the tools, like LearnDash that they were already familiar with) in a much more intuitive way, allowing relatively non-technical staff to maintain the site as required. Hurrah!

What we did

We worked with Brenda and her team to create a coherent online presence for all of her training offerings. This meant building a membership area, working with a Learning Management System (we used Memberpress), creating courses, certificates, integrating videos … and finally, packaging it all up in easy to purchase blocks of training for schools & teachers.

It was a big project. It was worth it – and incredibly rewarding. They truly provide hope and solutions for parents and teachers of kids with ‘something going on’. Inspirational stuff.

David is a unique find - a true "all rounder". Over the years we have worked together I have learned from him not just about web development & design, but across the board. The team brings a wealth of knowledge skills to the table.

Brenda Cassidy, Owner The Braincalm Institute

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